Wednesday, March 14, 2012

take a note

Flint Sashel
Hey my reader! today is 15/03/12 tauuu mmg dah update smlm,tp mok update lagik :D hihhih. did you read the title? #TAKE A NOTE. haah . tkda apa pun sebenarnya . haha .Okay! the pictures? haha . my little smelly cousin. #FlintSatchel . sorry , sik ingat brapa umor nya . hohoh . I miss him :) Eve tak tau apa mok di update . Bored bahhhhhh :( Eve mao si dia(R) tau hohohho :P na'ah. btw, i loveeeeeee my first song(blog) the one that got away;) so lovelyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! hihihih. You know what,um I um I NOTHING hehe.*bored* . oh babe! I'm freaking damn bored! zzzzzzz//  
One more pictures : 
Actually I don't know she mean hhoohoh
Hello i just wanna upload that. so mcm sya kata tadik TERLALU BORING NAK MAMPUS(: heheheheh!
So,ni jer yg boleh saya upload. lain kali saya upload & update ya. Btw,start from this friday,I'll rarely online because my dad want borrowing my laptop for his work. His laptop was in repair. Sorry guys. Bye . This is! :) Eve Mackenzie love (R) muah. Baca la babyyyy<3

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